Evo + Light
This shoe has a new sole structure and an even lighter Phylon midsole. Evo+ Light is an evolution of Evo+,...
The shoe is designed for runners at any level, from beginners to active runners.  The sole includes an integrated bouncy plate,...
€109.00 €59.00
The shoe has a new design and has been revised throughout. The sole structure has a new Phylon material, which...
Racer is a perfect competition shoe. Its sole structure has technology you cannot find in any other running shoe. The...
€99.00 €59.00
Our trail running shoe has gone through a complete refresh. However, we haven’t needed to change the last shape. The...
The shoe is designed for trail and terrain running, and suits runners at all levels who are looking for a...
€99.00 €59.00
The sole construction of the shoe is designed to respect the brilliant functionality  of the human body while running. We...
€99.00 €59.00
100 % cotton, Weight 190 g/m2.
€19.90 €9.90