Shoes don't run.

Feet do.

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Shoes don't run.

Feet do.

Shoes that respect your feet.

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Shoes that respect your feet
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Feet Racer introduction

FEET Racer is a new model of spring 2017. It is the perfect competition shoe. Its sole structure has technology you cannot find in any other running shoe.

The sole structure is based on the same ideology as Evolution and Distance, so the natural movement at any stage of the running step is guaranteed. The extremely accurate touch to the running surface guarantees that you will get a quick and effective rolling-movement with this shoe – which is a dream scenario for any serious runner. The cover of the shoe is well-fitting and comfortable, thus allowing you to run even without socks. The top of the Racer shoe is designed to follow the foot’s anatomical form very accurately.

The Racer shoe is designed to be used as a competition shoe but works well also as a light training shoe for recreational runners, thanks to its unique sole structure.

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Shoes that respect your


The structure of the sole is designed to respect the genious functionality of the foot

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