A sustainable choice

Our aim is to offer products that allow our customers to make ethically and health-wise sustainable choices. Inactivity is a leading cause of lifestyle diseases, which can directly be affected by increasing daily exercise. Since the start, we have been a driving force for health and exercise, and spearhead this by designing running shoes for casual runners and athletes alike. 

Our shoes support the natural biomechanics of a human body - this is a key contributor to preventing injuries. Our ideology is unique in the running shoes market, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles is a cornerstone of our design philosophy. 

Responsible manufacturing

We design, sell and market our products in Finland, and manufacture in China. The close collaboration between Finland and China is an integral element to our success as a company. The professionalism and high quality of production in China, combined with design and commercial operations in Finland provide the best possible shoes for our customers in Finland and beyond.

We are happy with the circumstances at our manufacturing site. Based on discussions with employees and management, we are convinced that the factory respects human rights and fair employee conditions. We visit the factory annually, and know all 30 employees personally.