FEET saved my runner's "career." From the beginning of last summer, I had realized my long-term dream of running a half marathon below the 1:30 limit. However, this goal was achieved through a cycle of various stress injuries. I was already thinking about changing my summer sport to roller skating. That’s when I found FEET Evo. It didn’t take many weeks after switching to them, when the last runner’s knee symptoms had already disappeared. Since then, I’ve been able to steadily increase my running volume and running has only tasted better and better. Corona blocked me from attending many running events, but I finally got to HHM this fall. In FEET Racers, running slipped like a dream and now it was already below the 1:25 limit, even though I had already had time to declare my previous record as the toughest sports result of my life. "-Vilhelm-

 "I've been super happy! Now it's three weeks of running, I run 2-4 times a week (so I just started running now, but other sports in the background / side).  From the beginning, the shoe (FEET Racer) has felt good and just like being made on your own foot, nothing is squeezed, crushed or rubbed. The foot and bones of  the foot have collapsed in my left leg. In the first light run, the sole of my left foot got a little tired. Since then, there has been no strange sensation in the left sole of the foot, or anywhere else! So I want to send a big thank you for a great running shoe!! - Leena-

FEET Trail have adapted well to use on the foot and the right heel no longer starts to rise. Moreover, that shallowness would indeed seem to be a matter of habit. It is great that in the downhill the shoes do not rub the Achilles tendon. I like these! Thank you for the flexible customer service! "-Anna-Sofia-

"FEET Trail shoes are really light and the out sole works on wet and icy surfaces." -Tommi-

"FEET Distance will definitely be my shoes on the asphalt. After the winter, I started running with confidence, and the half marathon went well in a long run with fairly new shoes. There are still no foot problems on the road. And so far, FEET has been the only one that works for me without any problems, but the favorite is still FEET Trail 😊 Now after the good ones have been found after many searches, I won't change them. Thank you for the great work on running shoes! Enabling me to run 😊💪 "- Elina

"FEET Evo+ Light: surprise for your running. It looks narrow but even with my feet not too narrow it feels comfortable. It is a fast shoe. Before running the sole felt hard but while running the cushioning felt perfect. It is a fast shoe for short fast training, racing and also for endurance run." -Frank

"I have run seven races with the new FEET Racer+ shoes. One marathon and other short races from five kilometer to a half marathon. At first you had to get used to the shoes because the feel of the running surface is different. But the more I've run with the shoes, the better I've used to them. Old yellow Racers are still workhorses and the races go with the new Racer+ shoes. Looks like I have to buy additional pairs, including the old model." - Jarmo