FEET is an innovative running shoe and a product of a lengthy product development process. The ideology and technical solutions are based on the natural biomechanics of the human body while running. The running step is based on the so-called stretching-shortening cycle, where the working muscles are both stretching and contracting. The geometry and the technical solutions of the running shoe have a central role as the transporter of energy between the runner and the running surface. The energy created by the runner is transported by the supporting surface of the running shoe while in activity. Humans have developed into perfect long-distance runners and we have created the perfect running shoe which respects this natural development of the human body. FEET – Mother Nature’s choice!


Product development 

Matti Salminen started at Karhu in 1978 as a product designer and during his time at Karhu produced individual shoes for the Finnish national team atheletes who were sponsored by Karhu: Cross country skiers, wrestlers, and for all the ballgames (excluding football). With these shoes various titles were won both home and abroad (The Olympic Games / European Championships / World Championships). As a result of the development of these shoes, production for home- and foreign markets was commenced: Synchron- training shoe, Fulcum and extremely light Stardast competition shoe, and for these the first ever heal stabilisers. In skiing shoes Karhu was in the forefront and when the skating-style started to become growingly popular, a new shoe designed especially for skating was brought to production. The design work of a new running shoe was continued with Teuvo Niskanen in the form of working with Fulcrum. This shoe became Karhu M-series and also now the more developed Feet- running shoe.
Teukka Niskanen is a physiotherapist and specialised in problems in the lower body and sportsmedicine. Teukka has great expertise and experience in biomechanics. He is an expert in functional exercise. The testing of the physical performance is also a area of expertise through laboratorium- and field tests. Teukka designed Karhu M-Series together  with Matti Salminen. The sole structure of Karhu’s M-series, ACS (anatomic controlling system), was patented in 2005. Now he is known as the designer of Feet running shoes (PCT 2013). Teukka has many years’ experience as a competitor, trainer and part of the maintenance team in endurance sport.