Designed for runners at any level

FEET is an innovative running shoe and a product of a lengthy product development process. The ideology and technical solutions are based on the natural biomechanics of the human body while running.

The geometry and the technical solutions of the running shoe have a central role as the transporter of energy between the runner and the running surface. The energy created by the runner is transported by the supporting surface of the running shoe while in activity.

Humans have developed into perfect long-distance runners and we have created the perfect running shoe which respects this natural development of the human body. FEET – Mother Nature’s choice!

Teukka Niskanen and Matti Salminen designed earlier Karhu M-Series. The sole structure of Karhu’s M-series, ACS (anatomic controlling system), was patented in 2005. Now Teukka and Matti are known as the designers of more developed FEET running shoes.